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VM custom vending machines

Vendmarket became a trademark for the standard line of wall mounted vending machines which is manufactured by Vending Marketing d.o.o.

VM custom vending machines:

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"SEX, DRUGS AND ROCK&ROLL" ... That is true!

What is also true is: "SEX, CIGARETS AND LIQUOR"!



In every case SEX SELLS and that is A FACT! Other important facts and figures:


- in October we placed several vending machines holding sexy erotic products in pub, bars and discothèques in Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia;
- average sales of 100 EUR per extended weekend, Thursday-Sunday, per machine;
- only 3 people on board and 1 service vehicle;
- needed time to organize everything and get locations, time to refill and service – on average 3-4 hours per day per person;
- with 50 machines placed on good locations we will reimburse our investment in the following 3-4 months;


AMAZING! What is even better is that you now have the opportunity to make this same success in your city, in your country. 8 selections on machine, 8 products to choose, min of 8 reasons to give it a try!
We supply machines that are on stock, and if you want we can supply the products and packaging as well. Technical information about machines attached. List of current products available:
- vibrating cock ring,
- mini vibrator,
- vibrator rabbit,
- metal handcuffs,
- fishnet self-stand stockings,
- string underwear (various designs),
- candy cock rings,
- flashing nipples.


Contact us, the stock is limited!
T: +386 1 524 04 78

Vendmarket Team











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